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About Us

At Baci Baci, We cherish Italian heritage, passionately delivering authentic dishes made with the freshest ingredients and uncompromising quality to ensure a truly traditional culinary experience.

Baci Baci restaurant Owner

Baci Baci Manager

Alberto Dalla Vecchia.

At Baci Baci, We delight in crafting a warm and inviting dining atmosphere, perfect for any occasion - from cozy family meals and professional business gatherings to romantic evenings and intimate dinners, ensuring an exceptional experience for every guest.

Chef Manager

Baci Baci Restaurant Chef Owner

Riccardo Borgo.

Our cuisine at Baci Baci is crafted with a mission to showcase the diverse and rich flavors of Italy, transporting diners on a gastronomic journey from the northern peaks to the southern coasts, featuring authentic and regionally-inspired Italian dishes.

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